Monday, April 2, 2018

Monthly Ministry Team Devotions - April

As leaders we are called to help others grow as leaders. This month, let us continue to reflect on the ways in which we help others grow as leaders. These are:
  • Equip
  • Empower
  • Encourage
  • Engage
  • Embody
This month take some time to reflect and talk about how you ENGAGE others as growing leaders.

Matthew 9: 9-13

Reflect and Discuss
Begin with silent reflection before discussing. This can be a moment of silence or a time for journaling. If the group jumps right into discussion, we are less likely to listen to others. We become preoccupied with what we are going to say and are not completely present as we listen to others that are sharing. By taking some time to personally reflect, we can focus on hearing what others are sharing.

Afterwards, engage in a group discussion with these following questions.
  • What jumps out at you from this reading?
  • Engage means to participate with or to become involved with someone. How does Jesus engage Matthew? 
  • Why did the Pharisees not like Jesus being with Matthew?
  • Which engagement do you think Matthew valued more, being called to follow Jesus or Jesus dinning at his house with his friends? Why?
  • Which of these two ways would you value more? Why?
Put it into Action
How can we embody the faith for others? Since relationships matter, how are we at engaging with others?
  • Is everyone engaged with a youth or adult leader with Camp Hope?
  • How are we at engaging staff and other church leaders into Camp Hope?
  • How are we at engaging the entire congregation into Camp Hope?
  • How are we at engaging with each other on this team?
  • How can we be more intentional at engaging the congregation with the camper’s families at home?
  • How can we be more intentional about engaging with the neighborhood and serving others in need? 
  • What can we plan over the staff training and during camp to help the staff engage with each other?

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