Monday, April 16, 2018

Summer Checklist

May is coming up and it's a hard time of the year. You are wrapping things up for the school year AND getting ready for the summer. It can be a very busy time and things can easily slip through the cracks.

Here is a list of things to help you stay on track.

By now you should be...
  • Finishing up collecting supplies including orders for any crafts, game items and any Camp Hope store items you will need. 
  • Finishing up on getting facilities ready inside and outside. 
  • Have all spaces reserved for your activities. 
  • Double your efforts on registrations, especially using Social Media! 

You should be planning to...
  • Finish preparing for training your leaders? For Camp Hope you should either plan your Staff Training if you have attended Train the Trainer. If not, be sure to register for Staff Training
  • Review the camper registration forms to ensure that they are filled out in their entirety. Begin to group these by age for camper small groups. Then make a master list of any health care or emotional care needs. This will be very helpful for your adult mentors and rotational leaders as they learn and plan activities, snacks and games specific to your Camp Hope. 
  • Design a Camp Hope database of all of your campers and staff information. Use this to create spreadsheets for sign in sheets and Monday camper registration days. Don’t forget to send a Camper Registration Confirmation Letter. 
  • Get your Summer Camp Office in order. Gather forms that you will use such as "oops forms" for kids who misbehave and "ouch forms" for any little injury. You should also set up a space for a first aid station along with needed supplies. You can use the Camp Office Checklist to help you prepare. This can also be found on the Resources for Camp Directors and Ministry Teams page on the website. 
  • Place your T-Shirt orders so that you will have time to organize them before your campers arrive. (It’s sooner than you think!) You can share T-Shirt ideas on our Pinterest page
  • Plan for a Staff and Volunteer Orientation Day. It is important to schedule this and communicate this to all of your leaders. We will plan this out next month. 

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