Monday, May 14, 2018

A few final preparations for the summer!

It’s time to finish writing and mailing Confirmation Letters to your campers. Include welcome, dates, outstanding fees and details about your program, especially Monday registration day. You can also find this on the website under ForDirectors and Ministry Team Leaders

Then finish organizing your camp office with all of your supplies, first aid station, etc.

Next, prepare for and ALL Staff and VolunteerOrientation. This is important for all of your summer events! This includes:
  • Planning and Information. You will want to have a time when all of your youth staff, volunteers and adult mentors can come together to talk and answer questions about what will be happening in the coming weeks. What is expected and what will happen. 
    • Plan to tell everyone to share your photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Don't forget to use #CampHopeMinistries to share with us what happens at YOUR Camp Hope. 
    • Think about ways to encourage your staff. We provide a resource for you do to this each day of Camp Hope. Utilize Twitter or text devotion for your Daily Staff Devotions
  • Group Building. Plan for some games and discussion questions to help everyone get to know each other. This is a time for a fresh start where everyone is welcome and a vital part of the community. There are many such games that you can find online. If you want somewhere to start, check out our Downtime Activities book
  • Setting up. Get everyone to help set up for the activities. Set up room spaces, put up decorations and organize supplies. This gets everyone on board and helps them to claim ownership of upcoming events. 
  • Commissioning Leaders. Finally, plan a time when your leaders can be commissioned in Sunday worship. This is a wonderful way to raise up Camp Hope once again to your congregation. This may be the largest community outreach that your congregation does and it is vital that you cover the students and adults in prayer! Use our Commissioning Service to help you plan on doing this for your leaders. 
God’s blessings to you this year at Camp Hope!!!!

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